076 – Coin Concede: ”Jade Parade”

In Episode 76 Cinder, Appa, and RidiculousHat who’s on the next reveal stream, the new Tavern Brawl, and professional moves. Cinder covers ONOG Major at PAX East, and deskplanations this week is about Jade Druid in the current meta. Stay Continue reading 076 – Coin Concede: ”Jade Parade”

046 – Coin Concede: “Karazhan Card Review”

In Episode 46, Kenny, Andres, Cinder, and guest Appa spend time going over all of the cards for the new Adventure One Night in Karazhan. News coverage was on the demo stream of the Karazhan cards and Ben Brode’s designer Continue reading 046 – Coin Concede: “Karazhan Card Review”

031 – Coin Concede: “Bring Out Your Dead”

This week in Episode 31, Kenny, Cora, Andres and Cinder chat about the new Patch and it’s addition of Khadgar. Cinder and Cora talk about ONOG, Truesilver Championship II and Copa America Qualifier III with some announcements of upcoming Continue reading 031 – Coin Concede: “Bring Out Your Dead”