072 – Coin Concede: ”On The Level”

In Episode 72, Kenny, Cinder, Appa, and RidiculousHat all talk about the upcoming 7.1 Patch and how it changes/adjusts ladder. Cinder covers the HCT European Winter Playoffs, Kinguin for Charity finals, and Trinity Series round 4. Decksplanations this week covers Continue reading 072 – Coin Concede: ”On The Level”

071 – Coin Concede: ”Hat Trick”

In Episode 71, Cinder and Cora hold down the fort with guest RidiculousHat. This week they cover using WoW gold for Hearthstone packs/adventures, moves in the professional circuit, and possible rumors and what they mean. Tournament recap this week is Continue reading 071 – Coin Concede: ”Hat Trick”