097 – Coin Concede: ”Magical Christmasland”

In Episode 97 Kenny, Cinder, Appa, RidiculousHat AND CORA compiled a comprehensive set review to talk about key cards to talk about. The majority of the show was talking about the key cards of the set, or cards that the Continue reading 097 – Coin Concede: ”Magical Christmasland”

096 – Coin Concede: ”Icy Butts”

In Episode 96 Kenny, Cinder, and RidiculousHat review the next set of cards released for the Knights of the Frozen Throne expansion. News this week covers the Card Pack change going live (with bug), Blizzard sending monthly achievement emails, and Continue reading 096 – Coin Concede: ”Icy Butts”

046 – Coin Concede: “Karazhan Card Review”

In Episode 46, Kenny, Andres, Cinder, and guest Appa spend time going over all of the cards for the new Adventure One Night in Karazhan. News coverage was on the demo stream of the Karazhan cards and Ben Brode’s designer Continue reading 046 – Coin Concede: “Karazhan Card Review”

030 – Coin Concede: “Card Concessions with Cora”

In Episode 30, Kenny, Andres and Cinder welcome back Cora to the show just in time to review the last Old God, Yogg-Saron. Blizzcon dates were announced alongside the sale dates for tickets. TempoStorm returns to meta snapshots and Hearthpwn Continue reading 030 – Coin Concede: “Card Concessions with Cora”

028 – Coin Concede: “Beating Down the Old Meta”

In Episode 28, Kenny, Andres and Cinder go in depth with a review on the Asia Pacific Winter Championships and the Truesilver championships. They also talk about the “beatdown theory” and the whole concept of it. Until everything is announced, Continue reading 028 – Coin Concede: “Beating Down the Old Meta”