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Coin Concede is a podcast about Hearthstone. Hosts Kenny, Cora, Cinder, Appa, and RidiculousHat cover everything Hearthstone related from playing Adventure Mode with basic decks to laddering in ranked play. While integrating their personal experience playing Hearthstone, they converse over news topics, decks, meta shifts, tournaments, and emails. If you’re a casual player just starting out, or a Pro Hearthstone player, there are many things to enjoy about this podcast. They make the competitive side of the game more accessible to you!

Kenny Downey


Kenny is a casually hardcore Hearthstone player who lives in southern California. When he’s not spending precious time with his family, he enjoys playing Hearthstone, Diablo 3, Overwatch, and Heroes of the Storm (basically anything blizzard makes). The best way to get a hold of Kenny is by reaching out on twitter @KCCO_Gamer. Or you can send him a personal email to KCCOGamer@gmail.com

Cora Georgiou

After playing Hearthstone since open beta, Cora has experience from both the casual and competitive sides of the game. Coming from a background in Yugioh, Cora has a passion for card games and has reaches legend consistently. She has recently shifted her focus to tournament casting as a member of the team for the Hearthstone Championship Tour. When not playing Hearthstone, Cora studies Broadcast Communication. Like her battle tag suggests, Cora is also an avid singer and musician who serenades her stream viewers during Hearthstone ladder sessions. You can always reach out to Cora on twitter @Songbird_HS, or on Twitch at twitch.tv/sagecora.

Jase, aka “Cinder

Jase –who games by the handle Cinder– is a life-long, full spectrum gamer who grew up on a steady diet of classic consoles and tabletop RPGs. He spent many years playing competitive tabletop miniatures and CCGs before transitioning back to his roots in video games. Hearthstone captured Cinder from the Beta and he’s been a daily ladder player since. Check out Cinder’s Twitch channel, twitch.tv/CinderAscendant, which he dedicates to his nightly show “Heavy Metal Hearthstone.” You can tweet him @CinderAscendant.


When introduced to Magic: The Gathering during High School, Appa found he had a love of card games. A friend introduced Appa to Hearthstone in October of 2015, and he applied his already developed Magic skills to the game. Since then, he has hit legend nearly every season (usually finishing around top 500) and has already accrued a number of high tournament finishes. With a methodical and analytical approach to high level play, Appa brings an inside view of the competitive scene to Coin Concede.

Pinch Hitter Guest:


Ben aka RidiculousHat
Ben – who you’re welcome and encouraged to call Hat – is a chronic night owl, unquenchable source of verbose opinions, and lover of games that come in card form. Hat found his way to Hearthstone once he tried to combine his Magic: The Gathering passion with Being A Grown-Up – but Hearthstone fits itself much better to a constantly changing schedule and also happens to be lots of fun to play and talk about. When not podcasting or streaming, you’ll catch Hat on twitter @RidiculousHat – he’d love to chat so drop him a tweet. Be warned… many of the tweets are pictures of burgers.

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