122 – Coin Concede: “Good News Everyone!”

In Episode 122, Kenny, Botticus, Appa, and Andrew talk about the extensive news announced this week. News covers Ranked Play Updates, Upcoming Balance Changes, A Grand Prize Pack Giveaway, a new card back, Blizzards “Openeing Moves” Week Series, and Blizzard’s “Off-Meta” Deck Spotlight #2. No real tournaments to cover except the drama with a player in the Hearthstone Sydney Stop qualifier. Decksplanations this week is about how to determine what to play after the nerfs.


  1. Ranked Play Updates (VOD)
    1. Card backs will be earned 5 wins each month
    2. All ranks have 5 stars
    3. When a new season starts you will reset back exactly 4 ranks from your highest ranking for the month (including stars) (Brode’s Tweet)
    4. Ranked rewards go by your highest rank during the season
      1. Rank inflation? 
      2. No changes to win streak mechanic
      3. Ranked floors are still in place
      4. Brode’s response on why so long 
  2. Upcoming Balance Changes
    1. Bonemare now costs 8 mana, up from 7
    2. Corridor Creeper now has 2 attack, down from 5
    3. Patches the Pirate no longer has charge, and his voice will be changing
    4. Raza the Chained’s effect now sets your Hero Power to 1 mana, up from 0
  3. A 183 Thousand Hearthstone Pack Giveaway
    1. Grand Prize – one winner
      1. 3000 card packs – 1k for each set released during Year of the Mammoth
      2. The Lich King’s Helm – his actual helm from the youtube series here
      3. Hearthstone Apparel Gift Pack – t-shirt, cap, and pin set
    2. Mammoth Card Bundle – 1k players will receive 10 card packs from each expansion released during Year of the Mammoth
    3. Mammoth Pack – 50k players will be receiving 3 card packs from each expansion released during Year of the Mammoth
    4. Mammoth Card Bundle avail on the shop. (one purchase per account, avail in 10.2 patch)
      1. Limited to 14 entries per account
      2. tarting 17:00-GMT/9:00-PST of Feb 1st until 17:00-GMT/9:00-PST Feb 14th
  4. Khadgar is Available in China HOTS Promo, Again…
  5. Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth is available for pre-order
    1. Deluxe version gets you an awesome Hearthstone cardback
  6. Blizzard “Opening Moves” Week Series
  7. Blizzard “Off-Meta” Deck Spotlight #2


  • Hearthstone Sydney Stop had some drama with a player in the qualifier. See Zalae’s Tweet



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One Reply to “122 – Coin Concede: “Good News Everyone!””

  1. Hey, listened to the podcast because Gerry was on and he is awesome. Just wanted to comment on something you said. You said playing fast is a bad habit and you should take your time. Two part rebuttal, just to start a discussion. First, when you are being tested, like multiple choice, it is usually better to go with your first opinion, especially if you are well practiced/studied in the field. Second, one of the best Magic players on earth, LSV plays at breakneck speed at all times. His intuition is finely tuned, he knows the matchup, and by playing fast he pressures his opponents to play fast and make mistakes. If you are roping when you don’t need to, you are giving your opponent extra time to think. When tom60229 snap keeps Ultimate Infestation he is working off prior knowledge of the matchup AND he is making his opponent think he is keeping Wild Growth or some such thing. There are many advantages to playing very quickly.

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