107 – Coin Concede: ”EZ Surrender EZ Priest”

In Episode 107 Kenny, Cora, and RidiculousHat played Barnes and got Botticus to talk about Big Priest. News this week revolves mainly around Patch 9.2 and Hallow’s End but also covers new currency updates, BlizzCon Merchandise Sale, and the Pumpkin Carving Contest.


  1. Patch 9.2 Happy Hallow’s End
    1. Hallow’s End Oct 24-Nov 6
    2. New Card Backs
    3. Fireside Gathering’s New Hero
    4. Arena Synergy Removed
    5. Hero Costumes & New Card Art
    6. Gameplay; Triggers, Engine Update, Lord Jaraxxus
  2. Currency Update for Canada, Japan, New Zealand
  3. BlizzCon Merchandise Sale
  4. Pumpkin Carving Contest




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