Bonus Episode: “Patron Roundtable #2”

For August’s bonus episode Cinder, Appa, and RidiculousHat shine a spotlight on some of the active patrons in the Coin Concede Community. In our extra episode, sit back and have fun getting to know some of your fellow community members, Continue reading Bonus Episode: “Patron Roundtable #2”

099 – Coin Concede: ”Same Places, New Faces”

In Episode 99 Cinder, Appa, have guests TaylorEve and Botticus join in on the fun of podcasting about Hearthstone. News this week covers Gamescom fireside gathering play, Hearthstone’s animated short, and WESG eligibility rules and segregated divisions announcement. Cinder covered Continue reading 099 – Coin Concede: ”Same Places, New Faces”

098 – Coin Concede: ”We Can Build It!”

In Episode 98 Kenny, Cinder, Appa, and RidiculousHat answer some questions regarding deck building in a new meta. News this week covers Tavern vs Tavern and Choose Your Champion. Cinder covers the Red Bull Team Brawl: College Clash. On top Continue reading 098 – Coin Concede: ”We Can Build It!”

097 – Coin Concede: ”Magical Christmasland”

In Episode 97 Kenny, Cinder, Appa, RidiculousHat AND CORA compiled a comprehensive set review to talk about key cards to talk about. The majority of the show was talking about the key cards of the set, or cards that the Continue reading 097 – Coin Concede: ”Magical Christmasland”

096 – Coin Concede: ”Icy Butts”

In Episode 96 Kenny, Cinder, and RidiculousHat review the next set of cards released for the Knights of the Frozen Throne expansion. News this week covers the Card Pack change going live (with bug), Blizzard sending monthly achievement emails, and Continue reading 096 – Coin Concede: ”Icy Butts”