093 – Coin Concede: ”Become an RNGenius”

In Episode 93 Cinder, Appa, and RidiculousHat cover the news dump announced this week as well as an in-depth discussion about RNG and the game. News this week covers the new expansion that was announced (links to interviews included), a nerf to quest rogue in Patch 8.4, and BlizzCon 2017’s tickets selling out again. Cinder recaps Hearthstone Global Games and reviews HTC Spring Championships. Appa and Hat also comment in detail in response to pro players blaming Hearthstone’s RNG for their losses and how it effects the community, and may even not be a valid “excuse.”


  1. New expansion announced! 
    1. Pre-purchase available now
    2. Lich King interviews with Ben Bride
    3. Datamined Free Arena runs and card packs
    4. Free missions (Eloise interview w/ Dave Kosak)
  2. Patch 8.4 Nerf
    1. Arena changes
    2. New Elementals
    3. Cardbacks Frostmourne and HearthS’mores
  3. Third batch of BlizzCon tickets sold out!

Tournament Vods


Hoej’s decklists: Murloc Paladin, Evolve ShamanQuest RoguePirate Warrior

Xixo’s Big Druid

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