041 – Coin Concede: “Taming the Dragon with Cydonia”

In Episode 41, Kenny, Cora, and Cinder interview their special guest, the recent HCT Americas Spring Champion, Cydonia. With a slow week of news, the recap of HCT Spring Championships is recalled by Cora and Cinder with anecdotal comments and Continue reading 041 – Coin Concede: “Taming the Dragon with Cydonia”

040 – Coin Concede: “Fenom-enal Data”

In Episode 40, Cora, Andres, Cinder, and guest Fenom announce news from this week such as Twitch taking legal action, the launch of Sky broadcasting, and PC Gamer’s interview with Lanztar. HCT APAC Spring Championships, Dreamhack Summer, and SL&I Starseries Continue reading 040 – Coin Concede: “Fenom-enal Data”

039 – Coin Concede: “Seizing the Initiative”

In Episode 39, Kenny, Cinder, and Andres break down “initiative” in Hearthstone and how it is important. News this week covers more changes in rosters of pro teams, Kripp’s interview, Game Mode Icons, and a fun Hearthstone Brazil post about Continue reading 039 – Coin Concede: “Seizing the Initiative”

038 – Coin Concede: “Considering the Mulligan”

In Episode 38, Cinder, Andres, Cora, and guest Grant talk about the flux in the pro Hearthstone scene, then discuss a busy weekend of Hearthstone tournaments, including HCT Japan Spring qualifiers, XFinity invitational, SL&I StarSeries, and ONOG Feature #3. The Continue reading 038 – Coin Concede: “Considering the Mulligan”

037 – Coin Concede: “Concederino Cubed”

In Episode 37, hosts Kenny, Cora, Andres, and Cinder take a break from the math-intensive last episode and play Coin Concederino – version 3. Preface the game with an in depth review of the HCT NA Prelims, China vs. EU Continue reading 037 – Coin Concede: “Concederino Cubed”